Pandora’s Box (2021)

Pandora’s Box (2021)


Physics genius Li Tian is focused on his investigation of a special type of energy. However, his mother Mei Xue Yan, a famous musician, gets embroiled in a mysterious car accident in Japan. Li Tian heads to Japan alone, but he never expected to fall into an intricate trap set up by a crime organisation. The man behind the scene manipulate Li Tian and uses advanced technology to commit a series of crimes. In Japan, Li Tian meets the bubbly Zhang Ni, as well as the investigation officer responsible for the case – Shan Qi. The three of them form a special investigation team and traces the incident back to a mysterious band twenty years ago. They also found Fu Bu Jie, a reporter who has been investigating the band for many years. A huge conspiracy which links back to a dark secret involving Li Tian’s parents awaits them.

Other Name: 天目危机

Released: Aug. 25, 2021




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